Friday, August 24, 2007

'C' is for Cute!

Lately, I've been finding myself more drawn to websites and blogs for mommies rather than just the beauty sites of old (although I do still frequent them, just not as obsessively). So when the Parents magazine blog GoodyBlog posted about a blogging mom who was making her own alphabet flash cards, I just had to go look. Secret Agent Josephine is a freelance graphic designer and mom to 19-month old Baby Bug. Currently, SAJ is creating the cutest flash cards for her daughter and generously sharing them with all of us. The letters come out two at a time, and just yesterday she started the series in lower case letters, too. You can download the cards as PDF files, then print them out and laminate them for your own extremely cute (Seriously, this ice cream cone? Get out!), unique set of flashcards. Yes, I know Squiggles is too young to start learning the alphabet, but I can be prepared, can't I? Plus, I think these would make a great little something to give to a certain kindergarten teacher I know.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

72% Bionic. And you?

Ever wondered just how bionic you are? Well, you're in luck - NBC is promoting their new show Bionic Woman with a Bionic Assessment Test. The BAT takes you through a series of math, hand-eye coordination, memory, and visual-spatial tests to determine if you are, indeed, bionic enough.

See What You're Made Of - Visit The Official Site

I guess 72% is pretty bionic. Let me know how bionic you are!

(link via TVSquad)

Update: I just retook this, and now - somewhat suddenly - I am 81% bionic. I have to stop wasting time now.