Friday, September 14, 2007

The Halo Effect - Are YOU spending too much?

Some of my fave beauty folks are the Beauty Brains. At the Brains' core are the Left and Right Brain, two real-life cosmetic scientists who tackle the facade that the beauty industry has taken so much care to build up for us. They give the low-down on product formulations and ingredients, as well as break down the marketing hype in the industry.

Today they've posted about one such marketing tactic, known as the Halo Effect. In essence, the Halo Effect is a way to make you think you are buying something better via packaging or product claims, very often causing you to spend more money on something that may not be worth it. For example, is a $220 jar of La Mer really that much better than a $7 jar of Olay? Probably not.

I have to admit, I've fallen for this little scheme, especially before Squiggles was born. I was pretty sure that the mid and higher end brands had better formulas (but even then, I would never have paid $200 for a moisturizer). However, now that we're supporting another member in our household, I've really been paying attention to ingredient lists - and the order of those ingredients. I've found that there are some really great products to be found for a very reasonable price; which is a good thing, now that we're supporting a new little addition to our household.

What do you think? Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth on your beauty products?

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