Monday, March 1, 2010

Lunch Date

Brian's mom is in town this week keeping me company while Brian's in New York.  Today, that gave me the unique opportunity to spend a morning out with my boy - just the two of us.  We didn't exactly whoop it up while Amelia and Grandma had a playdate; our first stop was the doctor's office, where Xander got the second dose of his H1N1 vaccine.  It wasn't pretty, but the lollipop and Spider-Man sticker the nurse gave him after the shot helped ease his pain.

After the doctor visit, we stopped at a great natural grocery on the way home.  Thankfully, this market's too far away to frequent with any regularity; otherwise, our grocery bill would rival our rent.  I try to pop in whenever we visit the pediatrician, and I'm excited that that's on a more frequent basis now that we have to take Amelia to her well-baby visits.

Xander and I strolled the aisles, picking up the usual items (graham crackers, chocolate sauce), as well as some new finds (pizza-flavored Pirates Booty!).  Then we stopped at the deli counter to pick up some lunch to enjoy in the market's sun room.  Xander selected steamed broccoli and a tuna salad wrap, and I added some cheddar potato chips and a cookie as treats.  I must admit, I felt very cosmopolitan sitting with my well-behaved 2 1/2 year old - he ate almost all the broccoli (I had expected to eat at least half of it and only ended up getting a few bites) and very neatly ate his tuna salad with tomato, shredded carrots and sprouts.  It was kind of relaxing to just focus on one child and enjoy his company.

By the way, notice the pinkie extension - he's so fancy!

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