Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just the three of us

Well, here we are...our last day as a family of three; Xander's last day as an only child; the eve of our little Hope's arrival. Emotions are running high; I'm nervous for both Hope and myself, and I'm marveling at how quickly all this snuck up on us. I still worry if having her a week early will be good or bad, but either way it's better than having her at 37 weeks (at the latest) if we had followed through with the MOMS study. It really was the best decision for us; I can't imagine not having these last few months with Xander, let alone coordinating a move from a hospital bed. I know that we have great doctors here, and Hope will get the same care here she would have received in Philly.

So here's to closing out our season of being a threesome and welcoming our new season of being a foursome!

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