Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally, we meet

Today, Amelia and I paid a visit to the urologist.  He is the only doctor involved in Amelia's care that we never got to meet in the hospital, so I was eager to finally get to talk with him and ask some questions that Brian and I never really got answers to.

Things actually look pretty good; the VCUG Amelia had in the hospital shows that she's eliminating well enough not to need a catheter, which is a huge relief.  We know that we'll very likely have to cath her at some point, but the farther back we can push that day, the better.  She does have some low-grade reflux (basically, urine backup) in one of her kidneys, but apparently it's not enough to be too concerned about right now.  In fact, the doctor said that this kind of reflux is very common in little girls and usually goes away on it's own - we're just keeping a closer eye on it because she already has a neurogenic bladder (typical with spina bifida).  He even said that he thinks that hers may clear up in a few years!  So, our course of action right now is to prevent a UTI with a daily dose of antibiotics and keep an eye on things via another ultrasound in three months.  She'll probably have to have another VCUG in about a year, too, which I am already not looking forward to.  Still, to walk away from the urologist with only a couple of prescriptions for antibiotics is a huge blessing, considering many babies have to be cathed from the beginning.

Xander was busy taking pictures with our camera today.  As you can see, he really likes his new airplane.

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