Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big-boy bed

Brian put Xander's new bed together today.  I'm still second-guessing myself about the bed we decided on, but that's my problem.  I always get like this when we make any semi-big purchase.  I wonder if we made the right choice; if the color is right, the design something that both kids and anyone else can use.  Brian says to give it a few weeks and it will seem like the bed has always been here.  He's probably right.

Once we got the bed all made up with the fun sheets and pillows I've been collecting over the last few months, it really did look good.  We had to put a stool next to the bed so Xander can climb in, but at the rate this kid grows, it won't be long before he's jumping in without it.  It takes up more space than his crib/toddler bed, obviously, but it's even more strange to see his crib set up in Amelia's room.  Ack - I have two kids!


Brian put up the bed rail I bought a while back, too, just in case since the new bed is pretty high off the ground.  Then Brian went upstairs to check on Xander - the little guy had climbed out of bed to get a book to read (not unusual) when he heard Daddy coming up the stairs.  So he did what he usually does in this case: he flung himself back into bed.  Only tonight, the bed is suddenly much higher than he's used to, so he ended up flinging himself into the mesh side rail instead, falling back onto the stool and then onto his bottom.  I haven't heard Brian laugh so hard in quite a while.

This little guy was camped out on our front step yesterday. At first, I thought it was a piece of trash or debris or something. That is, until I saw him move and curl up! Then it struck me that it looked like someone's poor mustache had escaped and was seeking refuge at our house. At least that's the story I told Xander.

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