Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking a sick day

Brian never calls in sick.  In fact, I can really only think of one occasion in almost eight years of marriage when he was so sick that he voluntarily stayed home from work.  Today marks the second time I've seen him call in sick.  It's that bad.  All the poor guy's been able to do today is sleep.  I'm praying I don't get whatever yuck he has because, um, moms don't get sick days.

Xander's still running full bore, though.  Yesterday after breakfast he asked for a game, so I asked if he wanted to play a board game or a video game.  By video game, I meant computer game since we've been playing a lot of fun games at the PBS and Playhouse Disney websites.  Xander must have taken "video game" literally though, because he lit up and said, "Oh yeah, I go get my guitar!" as he ran for the closet where we keep the Guitar Hero controllers.

The kid's actually been raised on Guitar Hero in a sense: I played frequently while I was pregnant (most famously the night I was in labor) and Brian would play with him strapped in the Baby Bjorn to settle him down when he was fussy.  However, today he went for the microphone.

Later in the day, we got down on the floor and played with Amelia.  She's really pushing up now; I guess that's one nice benefit of having her prone all the time.

I took Xander to the playground this morning.  It's been a challenge to keep him occupied and away from Brian.  Usually having Daddy home equals fun times, so I've had to work at explaining that Daddy is sick and we need to let him rest.  Xander wisely asked if Daddy was going to go to the doctor.  Happily, I can say yes, tomorrow Daddy is going to go see the doctor.  As is Amelia - I'll have an orthopedic update tomorrow, too.


  1. Just caught up on all the posts and am loving it! I'll see if I can explain it to my folks (good luck!!) Your two angels are growing up so fast and are just beautiful. My next challenge is to figure out a way to bookmark or subscribe to this so I can find it again! Love to you all, Susie

  2. Thanks, Susie! I use my iGoogle homepage to organize all my RSS feeds - the links to the left should set it up for you. Glad you like the blog!