Friday, January 29, 2010

Doctors and Banana Slips

Amelia says hi! She's really happy tonight despite the fact that she had two shots and an oral immunization today.  Plus, both shots had to be in the same leg since her cast comes up almost to her hip.  Poor thing.

I took both Xander and Amelia to the pediatrician today.  Amelia for her two month checkup (Can you believe she's already two months old?), and Xander because he developed a cough a couple of days ago and I'm not taking any chances - especially with Brian sick.  No worries, though - Xander is fine.  He's cutting all of his two-year molars (top ones are almost fully in, bottom ones are just starting to come up), so the cough just developed from the runny nose he has.  He did end up getting his flu shots today, though, so I had two slightly puny little ones.  There were a lot of snuggles and cartoons this afternoon!  Plus, after dinner he got to enjoy his first banana split - "banana slip" as he called it.

Amelia is doing great - she got a new cast yesterday (a little more fitted than last week, so I think we have a good chance of keeping this one on again until next week), she's starting to smile at us, and she's growing so fast (9lb 13.5 oz, 20.5" - woot!).  She's also sleeping through the night every other night or so, which I am so thankful for.

Brian's feeling better, too.  He's on the tail end of a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection (like he gets every year), but the doctor put him on a strong antibiotic and a heavy cough syrup.  Tonight he even made dinner - a sure sign he's feeling more like himself again.

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