Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think we've recovered...

I believe the sickies have left our house.  Xander was feeling much better yesterday, and today I let him resume his normal diet.  Bring on the peanut butter and waffles!  Brian didn't feel well last night, but he was fine this morning.  We're still not sure if we all had some kind of stomach bug, or if there was some bad pizza involved.  That was the last thing Xander ate before he got sick, and Brian half-jokingly blamed that pizza.  So I suggested he try a slice and see what happened.  Brian didn't get nearly as sick as Xander did (thank goodness!), but he did feel a little ill.  Whether it was the pizza or just coincidental timing, we'll never know.

The good news is that whatever swept through the house seems to have skipped Amelia - yay!  Today I stepped up her meal schedule; now she gets breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.  She really enjoys mealtime - she doesn't suck her thumb in between every bite anymore, and she even opens her mouth like a little bird when she wants more.  It's so cute when babies start communicating.

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