Thursday, June 24, 2010

School and Camping

We finally got a chance to visit the preschool on campus where Brian works today.  We've felt for some time now that Xander is ready for school.  He's very smart, and I think he's ready to interact with other kids in a more structured environment.  Not only do we get an employee discount on tuition, but the school is run very well and incorporates so many activities for the kids.  In addition to the age-appropriate classrooms, they have a music and movement room stocked with instruments, a children's museum/store room that reflects the theme they are focusing on, a kitchen where they eat and sometimes even help prepare their snacks (no added sugar, I might add), and an art room stuffed with paints, clay, blocks, and all kinds of creative things.  Then there's a really cool play area outside, with flower and vegetable gardens attached.  The kids help plant and take care of everything in the garden, and when the fruits and veggies in the garden are ripe, they get to use them in their snacks.  I could keep going on and on, but suffice to say this is a really cool preschool and I think Brian and I are just about as excited about it as Xander is.  It's kind of crazy to think about it, but our little guy will be going to school three days a week starting in September!

After we visited the school, we got to go over to the dining hall so Brian could show the kids off to everyone there.  Xander really wanted to stay for the camp that was coming in for lunch, and he was really sad that we had to leave before they arrived.  He kept asking me if we could camp and if he could follow the camp people as we were pulling out of the parking lot, so I offered to help him build a fort when we got home and we could have lunch there.  Thankfully, the diversion worked!  He had fun eating, playing, and watching cartoons in his fort for the rest of the afternoon.

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