Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hibocce!'s nice to visit my folks (and I'm so glad I got to see my sister - it's really sucked being so far away from her for the last few years), but it's so nice to be sitting in my recliner at home, too. Oh, yeah, and I missed Brian!

We did jam a lot of fun in before we left, though: coffee and breakfast out, then back to the house to get ready, and then we went and played bocce ball (my sister's boyfriend had never played before, can you imagine?). We even set up a court with a second set of balls so Squiggles would have his own to play with. It's funny to think that just about a year ago, we were at the same bocce courts with our little Squiggles. Of course, this is what he looked like then:

Now he's running around everywhere! His forehead looks much better today, too; little to no bruising, but there were some deep scratches that will take some time to heal. He'll probably still have the mark when we go to get our holiday pictures taken next weekend. Oh, well, it'll add some character for our little bruiser!

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