Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok dada.

We've found a new slam-dunk toy, and we found it in the most random way.

This is a basic bead maze. We've seen them at the doctor's office before, and although Squiggles seemed to enjoy them, he never was all that enthralled with them.

Fast forward to last night. We went to a great little barbecue place near The Reservation (yes, we actually left The Reservation). We only had to wait a few minutes for a table, but we saw a couple of these bead mazes in the waiting area so we grabbed one and let Squiggles play with it. He loved it! We took it to the table with us so he had something to do while we ordered and waited for our food, and it kept him entertained the entire time. He cried when it was time to eat and we had to take it away, and he cried again when it was time to leave and we had to take it away a second time.

We explained to him that the toy wasn't ours; that it belonged to the nice people at the restaurant and we needed to leave it there so someone else could play with it. More crying. Then Brian said, "We'll go out tomorrow and look for one for you, okay buddy?"

"Ok dada." Plain as day.

Our jaws hit the floor.

We went out the next day and bought him one.

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